Our Story

Simply Boxers was founded in New York City at the beginning of 2020. We saw a need in the market for simple men's boxers and set out to make sure they were not forgotten as they are the base to the everyday outfit. Simply Boxers is for everyone, from your 9-5 subway grinders to your weekend golfers, and everything in between, we're your staple. 

It is important that our products are made in the USA for a number of reasons; however, our deep love for New York City helped us to ultimately decide to concentrate our production right here in New York. Being founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe in the New York spirit now more than ever. 

With all our products being made in New York, our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum by reducing shipping and other transportation logistics. All of our factory workers are paid competitive wages and work normal hours. We have the ability to step foot into our factory, fabric vendors, and a number of our partners to ensure our products are held to the highest of standards.

We can say with full confidence that we are giving you a product that not only you need, but one that is made of the highest quality materials right here in New York. No matter who you are or where you are located, we hold ourselves to the promise that we are giving you a personalized and authentic slice of New York with every purchase. 

When we founded Simply Boxers it was important to us that we used our platform to help others.  As such, every purchase made helps support homeless shelters right here in New York. We are humbled to be able to partner with philanthropic organizations and give back to the community that inspired our coming of existence. 

With Love,